Money and Sustainability

Bernard Lietaer Our money system IS the 'Missing Link'. We tend to assume that we must have a single, monopolistic currency, funded through bank debt, enforced by a central bank.…

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Interest- and Inflation-free money

Margrit Kennedy Money is one of humankind's most ingenious inventions - and also one of its most dangerous. Interest and Inflation Free Money offers a clear, simple explanation of how…

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Beyond Money

Thomas H. Greco, Jr. Demystifying Money and Liberating Exchange The mission of this site is to demystify money and liberate the process of exchange by making available important documents and…

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Can banks create money out of nothing

Richard A. Werner This paper presents the first empirical evidence in the history of banking on the question of whether banks can create money out of nothing. The banking crisis…

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Credit theory of money

The first formal credit theory of money arose in the 19th century. Anthropologist David Graeber has argued that for most of human history, money has been widely understood to represent debt, though…

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Current credit creation

We are painfully aware of the severely distorted distribution of wealth on our planet, and how it came about, but what can we do about it?

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