Government is an occupation.

Like the Danes extorting danegeld from occupied regions of England, or the Norman invasion building a network of forts around the country for tax collection.

Government is not “we the people“; it is a separate entity like General Motors or the Vatican. While GM sells cars, and the Vatican sells hope, the government uses extortion to acquire income.

Consider that the largest agencies of government are for extortion – revenue, incarceration, justice, police, “defense”, spies

Even in those agencies that do provide a service, there is only a thin blue line along the bottom that actually does anything useful. Piled on top are layers upon layers of bureaucrats gorging on tax, while making life miserable for that thin blue line, and the rest of us.

For eg. only about a third of the tax money assigned gets to the nurses, teachers, works, etc., most being lost in the bureaucracies.

We work seven months of the year to feed bureaucrats motivated by only pension, promotion, and turning budgets into bribes. This leads to duplication and complication in order to justify more staff, more promotions, more contractors, more software licenses, etc.

Not to mention discretionary grants and subsidies to profitable corporations devouring a third of the imposition on us.

Still not convinced? Try leaving the farm. You need to grovel for a passport after sacrificing your privacy for permission to travel for a limited time beyond the pen. Then the government forces tax payments on any income even outside of the pen.

We need to privatise clinics, schools, works, etc., and close down the bureaucracies. Half the cost; double the efficiency.

If government services were actually useful and efficient they could sell their services in the market without extortion.

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