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Interest- and Inflation-free money

Margrit Kennedy

Money is one of humankind’s most ingenious inventions – and also one of its most dangerous. Interest and Inflation Free Money offers a clear, simple explanation of how financial policies shape the global markets – and how interest wrecks cultures, ecosystems, and economic systems. In particular, it reveals the hidden flaws in our money system by identifying and exploring the far-reaching consequences of four basic misconceptions that there is only one type of growth; that we pay interest only if we borrow money; that we are all equally affected by interest and that inflation is an integral part of free market economies.

Interest and Inflation Free Money then develops a bold but realistic set of reforms to the money system that would encourage the equitable exchange of goods and services without fueling interest or inflation. Described with remarkable lucidity, these reforms are based on historical and contemporary monetary experiments and institutions, including the Worgl experiment, Great Depression-era currencies, modern-day barter/local currency systems, the highly successful JAK credit unions, and more.

Interest and Inflation Free Money is essential reading for everyone concerned with economic impacts on societies, the environment, and even world peace. Without a more equitable money system, little constructive change is possible.

Creating an Exchange Medium That Works for Everybody and Protects the Earth

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