History is the battle between enslavement and liberation.

For a brief period we have seen the faint flickers of freedom. A short flash of time between enslavement with chains and dispossessed serfs of the past, and the new dispossession taking place through debt and bankruptcies again leading back to the Dickensian destitution and communism of the past.

Worse. From the depths of the impoverishment of the past, slave labour was still required, but now mechanisation, robotisation, and machine learning (contemporary means of production) have made human labour irrelevant and dispensable.

This blog targets the modern, monetary mechanism of this current (yet ancient) cycle of bondage, dispossession, and ultimately disposal.

But we are not only here to complain and feel sorry for ourselves, but to propose and develop solutions to trade and payments beyond the confines of corporations and governments.

However, we need to be wary that the claiming of our right to be free does not atomise, and thus weaken us, so that we are individuals against an evil which benefits from capturing us. We need to destroy the enemy, without destroying ourselves.