Skills shortage

Arse-creeping (brown-nosing) is the most common skill in the layers upon layers of corporate and government bureaucracies who employ the vast majority of people. Those who master the skill earn fabulous wages and bountiful pensions, groveling and prostrating to those above, while treating “inferiors” with contempt and disdain, while basking in the deference, accolades, and forced laughter.

A good arse-creeper has a far more luxurious life than a skilled specialist delivering quality, useful work.

Bureaucracies can only exist as monopolies backed by government coercion, and control the major value chains so that hard-working, competent private enterprises somewhere along the line are forced to grovel, comply, and bribe bureaucrats for the opportunity to deliver something of value to society.

Yes, there are a small number of loud mouths who make money using social media to sell courses on making money, but the skilled, experienced practitioners who create and maintain our societies, spend lives of hard work just to getting by, then retire impoverished, in contrast to the puffed-up pen-pushers with defined benefit pensions.

In the very few bureaucracies that pretend to something of a service, there is a thin layer of specialists along the bottom who do something useful, while layers upon layers of managers and administrators consume the lion’s share of budgets, feeling important by impeding the specialists and making the rest of our lives miserable, when actually doing anything.

We work half our lives to pay for government bureaucrats’ comforts (or face jail time), while much of what is left is lost to monopolistic prices on housing and necessities, feeding corporate beaurocrats.It’s time to toss these crushing parasites, and keep the fruits of our labours for ourselves and our families, through community supply chains, co-ops, and currencies.

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